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Angela Stasiowski

New York, NY
  • Angela Stasiowski in the photo 1

My experience at HSS with Doctor Haas was wonderful. I came to HSS for a consultation with Dr. Haas in November 2017 after reading his achievements and how he was described as the Michelangelo of knees and seeing his video, he was the surgeon I wanted to operate on my knee. His warm smile and compassion made me feel comfortable with him. My knee was turning inward and my leg was not straight - I had pain when I walked. He told me he would fix it. I had my surgery on January 19, 2018 - it was a complete success. My knee no longer turns in and my leg is straight. I had the surgery on a Monday afternoon, the next day at noon I walked with no pain with a new knee.

The nurses and staff at HSS treated me so wonderfully. They took such good care of me. Doctor Haas came to check on me and was happy with my progress. I am so grateful to my wonderful Doctor Hass and HSS. I have had no pain at all since my surgery. A little stiffness that is all. I am still doing PT, walking really on my own, driving, but not rushing anything. Doing everything at my own pace. Do stairs, no problem. Getting my life back. Thank you my wonderful Doctor Haas and HSS.