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Andrew Zitofsky

Plainview, NY

I first visited Dr. Dines after receiving a less-than-stellar prognosis about my broken and fully displaced collarbone from another physician. At the time of my injury I had recently completed an Ironman Triathlon and had a full triathlon schedule for the upcoming season. The first doctor told me that I would likely not be able to participate and that we would have to "wait and see." Not comfortable with the prognosis, I sought out another opinion.

From the moment I met Dr. Dines I knew he would be my surgeon and he assured me that I would make a full recovery. Dr. Dines repaired my collarbone with a metal plate exactly 6 months before I was to participate in a half Ironman. After just a couple of weeks of healing I began to increase my level of exercise and before long my shoulder was an afterthought.

With Dr. Dines' treatment I completed a full season of triathlon events including a personal best time of 5:37 for the half Ironman.

I recently had the plate removed in an attempt to remove some minor discomfort caused by direct pressure, and just a week after surgery, I was lifting my twin babies over my head.

I will be forever grateful to both HSS and Dr. Dines.