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Andrew Sedlak

South Orange, NJ

I had a debilitating car accident while travelling in Namibia. When I returned home, my initial doctors did all they could to help repair my two broken legs, but the accident left them in a poor state with the discovery of a bone infection.

We were told about HSS and from the start, they wanted to really understand the issues and how they could help. I ended up needing lots of work done on my ankle to clear the infection and fix the ankle. The only choice was to fuse it because of all the damage. Over the next 12 months, the team at HSS did so much to see this process through and help me regain my ability again.

It would then be another year before I could go back to university and graduate, but I am eternally grateful to the team who gave me a second chance.

Since the accident, I've done more hiking, climbing, sports & activities than before. I started kickboxing and even ran a Men's Health Challenge. Not a day goes by that I don't thank these Docs for doing this work.