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Andrew Scampoli

New York, NY
  • Andrew Scampoli in the photo 1

I have been a Police Officer with the NYPD for five years, and a hockey player since I was six years old. Up until November 3, 2017 I had been fortunate enough to avoid any serious injuries. On that day, I suffered a fractured calcaneus in my left foot. I was informed that I would require major surgery in order to fix my foot.

After being told that this surgery would most likely cause me to miss both work and hockey until the end of Summer 2018, I was devastated. In all my years of playing hockey (whether between youth, juniors, college, and the minor leagues in both the US and Europe) I had never suffered any injuries that would cause me to miss a prolonged amount of time. I was not looking forward to being parked up on a couch for what was going to be approximately 10 months.

Upon hearing about my situation, a friend of mine told me I had to have my surgery through HSS. I immediately went to the hospital’s website and looked up doctors who had a focus involving the foot, and came across Dr. Levine’s name. He came highly regarded as one of the most recommended doctors in the field; so I booked an appointment.

From the very beginning, I could see why he was revered as much as he was. He was professional, polite, and thorough when it came to helping me with my problem. From my first appointment to my surgery to the several post-op visits, Dr. Levine was dedicated to helping me get back on my feet. He explained every step of the process with vivid detail, but with a language that made it easy to understand; so you were able to be fully aware what was going to be happening next. This made it things go smoother because with those explanations, I was able to see how well I was progressing in the healing process.

It is now mid-June, and I am 100% healed to the point where I can both work and play hockey again. Thanks to Dr. Levine, his staff, and physical therapy, I was able to get my life back to normal (and back on the ice) three months ahead of my original prognosis. I am forever indebted to both him and his staff for their work.

Using HSS is a must! They treat you with care, and they’re extremely gifted and efficient. One small thing that separates them from others is the fact that between all my appointments and my surgeries, I did zero unnecessary waiting. If my appointment was 11:00, I was getting my x-rays by 11:01 and seeing the doctor within 15 minutes. Things like that, as well as their overall demeanor and dedication, make HSS stand out. They took one of the most stressful moments of my life and made it easier than I ever could have imagined.