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Andrew Pate

Lugoff, SC
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In June 2014, I was involved in a skateboarding accident in which I suffered a tibial plateau fracture and tore almost all the ligaments and meniscus in my right knee. The pain was surreal, and I was completely unable to walk or bear any weight on it. I immediately underwent four separate knee surgeries (each requiring physical therapy) over the course of the next year in my state capital of Columbia, South Carolina. After the fourth and final surgery and physical therapy was completed, I was hoping to hear good news from my doctors about my ability to walk again. Instead, I was presented with the impossible choice of either amputation of my leg above the knee or fusion of my tibia and femur at the knee joint as my only two options going forward because they were unable to do anything more for me.

I was not pleased with this outcome at all and immediately began seeking a second opinion. With the help of my father, we scoured the country for orthopedic surgeons who were up to the task of fixing my knee. After speaking with several who turned me away, we finally found Dr. Rozbruch at HSS and I will be forever grateful that we did. From our first meeting, I knew that Dr. Rozbruch would be the doctor that could help me walk again. He is very personable and friendly and leaves you with the impression that you are more than just another case for him to diagnose and manage. He answered all my questions, questions that my doctors in South Carolina were unable to answer. He gave me hope during what had been the worst year of my life. After agreeing to work on my knee, I ended up having four more knee surgeries with Dr. Rozbruch at HSS. That’s eight total surgeries if you’ve been keeping track! One of the surgeries involved the use of an Ilizarov frame. It consisted of two rings around my leg/knee each connected by pistons that could be adjusted using a special tool.

Over the course of about 6 months, I followed specific daily directions for adjusting the frame. It was painful at times, but I could tell that it was slowly correcting my misaligned tibia. When the frame was finally removed, I could tell a huge difference in the way my leg looked and how the bones were set. Physical therapy was easier than ever before, and I was finally able to make some progress toward walking again. There was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

It has now been over 7 years since my last surgery with Dr. Rozbruch and my life would not have been the same had I not found him. I can walk almost completely normally without pain and only have a few limitations that keep me from being fully functional. Most new people that I meet can’t even tell I have any limitations at all and are genuinely surprised when I tell them I’ve had eight surgeries on that one knee. Dr. Rozbruch and his team are true miracle workers and I’ll be forever grateful for him and the new lease on life that he gave me. I am now married, own a home, and my career is taking off as well. None of that would have been possible without Dr. Rozbruch and everyone at HSS. Thank you, thank you, thank you!