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Andrew Hasenzahl

Greenlawn, NY
  • Andrew Hasenzahl in the photo 1

I first tore my labrum and dislocated my shoulder lifting weights in college. Four years later during medical school, when I heard the familiar “rip” sound from my shoulder while working out, I immediately knew that I tore my labrum for second time and would elect to get the labral tear surgery.

After seeing the orthopedists referred to me by the ER doctor and staff, I was told that I would have to wait a minimum of six weeks before getting an MRI, which would occur between my second and third appointments. The drastic difference in the care that patients receive at HSS was immediately apparent. The orthopedics staff at HSS worked closely with my parents and myself to ensure that I would have X-Rays and an MRI performed immediately prior to my first appointment with Dr. Samuel Taylor due to my history of labral tears and symptoms. Dr. Taylor was very easy to connect with and did an amazing job explaining exactly how he arrived at the diagnosis and what would occur during the surgery.

On the day of my surgery, all of the staff was very professional and polite. The waiting room was very clean, spacious, and welcoming. My parents were very impressed throughout the entire surgical day.

Less than one year after the surgery, I can perform almost all of my favorite exercises with very few self-imposed restrictions, which should continue to decrease as my strength develops. I’m able to sleep normally again and no longer feel pain opening heavy doors that I endured for four years after my first labral tear. I’m very appreciative of Dr. Taylor’s surgical skills that allowed me to return to one of my favorite hobbies and live an active lifestyle again.