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Andrew Ehrlich

Smithtown, NY
  • Andrew Ehrlich in the photo 1

I tore my ACL skiing years ago and had 2 ACL surgeries with cadaver ligaments on Long Island. After both of those surgeries my knee was never strong and I was only able to snow and water ski with a big bulky brace. After it tore for the third time I decided to go to HSS. Dr. Allen was recommended to me by my family doctor. After he reviewed the films he informed me that I would need two surgeries - one to remove the hardware and fill the holes that were way to large and the second would be ACL surgery with a hamstring graft. On October 22nd, I had the surgery at the HSS West Side Ambulatory Surgery Center. The quality of care I received was top notch. The nurses were incredible, the anesthesiologist explained what nerve blocks he was going to use and Dr. Allen marked my knee and explained the procedure to me. I was back home by 6:00 that same day. I was given pain medications, which I never needed. I’ve had zero pain since surgery. My knee is weight bearing and was told to start PT immediately. Five days later, the swelling has definitely subsided and the mobility blows away my previous surgeries. Only HSS for me.