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Andrea Haradon

Corning, NY

I had severe arthritis in both shoulders for over 5 years, and had tried stem cell transplants and PRP for several years. Those treatments didn't work, and it had gotten to the point where I could barely sleep at night due to the pain. I went to see Dr. Daphne Scott at HSS, who looked at my x-rays and said I needed both shoulders replaced. Dr. Samuel Taylor made time to see me that day, confirmed what Dr. Scott said, and agreed to do the surgery. I am right handed, and my right shoulder was replaced February 2016, followed by my left in December 2016. Wow!! What a difference in my life. It is July 2017 as I write, and I have a one acre garden, process firewood, am building a new barn and soon a new house, can play tennis, hunt and fish, and basically do everything I want to do. Before the surgery I could barely lift a plate or glass down from the cupboard. Dr. Sam Taylor gave me back my life. I will always be very grateful to both him and HSS, which provided exceptional care during both my stays.