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Amy Todorova

New York, NY
  • Amy Todorova in the photo 1

"I don't usually suggest surgery on the first date, but...." These were the words which started me on a three-year journey with Dr. Levine. I was having trouble running, walking and had pain with every step. In one short visit, he told me I had something called cavo-varus foot deformity, which usually presents after age 30. I had surgery on both feet, a year apart, and spent a ton of time in physical therapy afterward. About a year following my last surgery not only could I wear regular shoes again (good-bye orthopedic sneakers made for seniors!), but I had also lost a ton of weight from the ability to be more active. Not long after that I was climbing a volcano in Guatemala! Dr Levine and his PA Lisa Melnick were amazing in every step of this long process, but I always felt extremely confident with both of them. They are the best!