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Amy Henderer

Valley Cottage, NY

June 18th, 2016 I'll never forget! I was at my daughters 4th birthday party and I tore my ACL in a bouncy house. Yep, a bouncy house. I'm not super athletic but I'm certainly active chasing after my two little girls ages 2 and 4. I so did not have time for this injury!

I had seen a local doc who wanted to do a full ACL reconstruction on my right knee and thank god for a co-worker who had knee surgery at HSS for steering me in the direction of HSS! My own research led me to Dr. DiFelice. He looked at my MRI, did an exam and told me he was confident he could 'repair' my ACL and recovery would be a fraction of the time of those who get a full ACL reconstruction! I had my ACL repair surgery on Thursday, July 7th. Five days later I was completely off crutches. Two weeks later I had almost all of my range of motion back. Under four weeks complete range of motion and done with my brace.

My quality of life is at 100% and I'm able to keep up with my kids again! So you ask if I back I the game? Thanks to Dr. DiFelice I feel like I never left!