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Amanda Hara

Bryn Mawr, PA

Many of us who have come to the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) have challenging medical problems or conditions that have not responded to previous therapy. This is my story.

I had hip surgery prior to coming to HSS that resulted in worsening osteoarthritis, increasing pain, and a limp. I consulted many specialists in my area and learned that my case was considered the exception, not the rule. I was fortunate to also learn that HSS excels at helping those of us with difficult conditions.

When I arrived at HSS two years ago, I knew I was in the right place. I remember that day well. I took the train from my home in the Philadelphia suburbs then hailed a cab from Penn Station to HSS. It was overcast and drizzling and I was using my umbrella as a cane. Being in my early thirties, I had been reluctant to use a cane, despite the level of pain I was experiencing.

Dr. Anil Ranawat and his team gave me hope that I could live a better life. They explained that I needed another surgery and walked me through the risks involved. I had reached a level of pain and dysfunction that prevented me from working, and so I ultimately decided to proceed.

It was a scary time in the months preceding surgery. Dr. Ranawat and Rachel Taylor, PA-C, took the time to help me navigate some difficult decisions, including leaving my job as an inpatient nurse and finding work that involved less walking.

After my surgery, I spent over four months using crutches, but eventually, my hip did recover! My two-year follow-up appointment is approaching and I can’t wait to tell Dr. Ranawat that I have gotten married and finished grad school.

HSS helped make my dreams come true, and I will be forever grateful for their expertise and support along my journey. Thank you so much for getting me BACK IN THE GAME!