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Amanda Goldberg

East Hampton, NY

I have been playing tennis all my life and training professionally for about 5 years. This past spring I threw my back out and found out that I had a fractured sacrum and a slipped disc. After 12 weeks of healing I still had pain, so Dr. Sama put my through a series of test and trial to figure out this injury without surgery. As time progressed so did my injury, to the point where I had no feeling in my left leg and my knee would buckle as I walked.

Thinking outside of the box and knowing that I was anti fusion, Dr. Sama took out L4, put a spacer in my back, and a bone graph to aide my body to rebuild itself instead of having to get rods in my back and go through anymore operations. I spent four days in the hospital and everyone who helped me was amazing. The Physical Therapy team was amazing and the nursing staff was too. I wouldn't go anywhere else but HSS for any injury.