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Alyssa Garbarino

Merrick, NY
  • Alyssa Garbarino in the photo 1
  • Alyssa Garbarino in the photo 2

In the last few minutes of my collegiate soccer game, I was dribbling on a breakaway and the next thing I knew, I was slide tackled from behind, taking out my ankle completely. I had previously had an injury on this ankle before and struggled to walk around for months. I was constantly going over on my ankle and when I met Dr. Dines, he was able to see that right away. Immediately he recommended surgery since my ligaments were barely doing any job at all. He performed a Brostrom-Gould procedure on my left ankle along with an ankle arthroscopic cleaning of the joint in the end of May of 2017. I was supposed to be out of commission from my upcoming season completely, but on September 22nd, 2017, just short of four months since my surgery, I played my first game again. Without Dr. Dines’ tremendous job fixing on my ankle, I would’ve completely missed my season and never been able to even play my senior season today!