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Allison Schechter

New York, NY
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Some might call me stubborn, but I prefer “determined.” After three attempts to run the TCS NYC Marathon ended in me sidelined with injury before reaching the start line, I finally declared that the 2017 race would be my last try. For me, running the TCS NYC Marathon would mark the realization of a long time personal dream. Living in Manhattan, right on the marathon route, I often dreamed of running past my apartment and hugging my family and friends en route to the finish line. The medal around my neck would be proof of my hard work and would be well worth all the early mornings, skipped social events and hours pounding the pavement. But, despite hours, weeks and months of training, I just couldn’t get to that start line. Each year, toward the end of the training cycle, hip pain and knee pain left me struggling to walk, nonetheless run. For three years in a row, I knew my marathon dreams would have to be put on hold.

As I began training for what would be my final marathon attempt, I knew that I would have to do something different in order to reach that start line. When I visited Dr. Daphne Scott’s office at HSS, I was a bit nervous. I wasn’t injured YET, so would she think I was crazy?? My nerves were immediately put to rest in the first moments of talking to Dr. Scott. She listened to my history, she embraced my goals and I very clearly remember her saying to me, “I don’t have a crystal ball, but I know we’re going to do everything we can do get you to that start line.” And she did.

During that visit, Dr. Scott quickly diagnosed my problem as IT Band Syndrome and emailed Julie Khan, a physical therapist at the Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Center at HSS. Julie is not only an expert in rehabbing runners, but she is a marathoner in her own right and truly understands the demands that training puts on your body. Luckily for me, Julie responded to Dr. Scott quickly and before I knew it, I was in physical therapy with Julie twice a week, strengthening the muscles that had failed me in the past.

With each visit to Julie and each long run, I got increasingly optimistic that 2017 would finally be my year. Julie often emailed with Dr. Scott to keep her up to date on my progress and I truly felt that I had team behind me. They were just as invested in my marathon as I was. On November 5, 2017, I walked up to the start line of the TCS NYC Marathon feeling healthy and proud. I knew that I had the support of an incredible team behind me. A few hours later, I ran past my apartment, hugged my family and friends, crossed the finish line and got that medal that I had been dreaming of for so long. Thank you to my “team” at HSS, for helping me get Back in the Game. My marathon dream has finally come true.