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Allison Ryan

Pound Ridge, NY
  • Allison Ryan in the photo 1

Last February, I tore my ACL and MCL while skiing on vacation with my family. Upon learning I'd need surgery, I turned to HSS, where many of my close friends and family have had extremely positive experiences. Dr. Nawabi and the excellent staff at HSS took great care of me from the start. Dr. Nawabi outlined a clear path to recovery, beginning with pre-surgery physical therapy to heal my MCL, which he explained can often heal on its own. He was hopeful that he'd be able to perform an ACL repair as opposed to using tissue from my hamstring, but wouldn't be able to tell until they opened me up. Dr. Nawabi made sure that I understood the potential outcomes and that I was on board with his plan. Surgery went smoothly and he was able to repair my ACL using the new procedure and my hamstring was left untouched. Following surgery, Dr. Nawabi set me up with an outstanding physical therapy team at HSS in Stamford and within six months, I had 90% of my mobility back. I've continued with PT on my own and got back on skis in December (9 months post surgery) and am thrilled to say that as of today, 1 year after surgery, I am able to ski with confidence and am looking forward to getting back to tennis in two weeks. I am forever grateful to Dr. Nawabi and the entire crew at HSS for their professionalism, expertise, thoughtful care and individual attention.