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Allison Davis

Teaneck, NJ
  • Allison Davis in the photo 1

For several years, I tried to ignore the nagging discomfort in my left hip. I looked to everything but surgery for a cure. Months of physical therapy and later working with a chiropractor offered no relief. I then turned to diet consuming everything from massive amounts of turmeric, ginger and any other foods that promised freedom from pain. I took too many Aleves until my internist said STOP! I reluctantly decided on seeking a surgical solution and came to HSS and Dr. Gregory DiFelice. Because I had worked with a trainer for months before the surgery, I was in pretty good shape. I didn’t know how much it would help in my recovery. I was up and around with hours of the surgery and gave a small dinner party the day I came home from the hospital. The pain was minimal compared to what I had been experiencing for years. I was back to work in less than a week ... on a plane within four weeks and six week out of surgery I finished a 5K walk with my community organization to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease. (I’m in the white shirt) I was able to keep up with the throngs of people who walked with me and felt good enough to take another 1 mile walk in the evening. Wish I would have had the surgery years ago!