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Allison Cooper

Shelton, CT
  • Allison Cooper in the photo 1

At the age of 29, I had a simple arthroscopic knee surgery in 2007, for a running injury, that left me with a left knee contracture. After multiple surgeries, open knee and additional arthroscopy, my knee was left severely damaged, with massive scar and a 25 degree contracture. I was walking on the ball of my foot as that was all that could reach the ground.

After 2 years and over a dozen surgeries, I came to HSS. It was recommended I see Dr Rozbruch. After looking at my X-rays and my knee, he said "I can help you". After so many doctors, he was the only one who was confident he could restore my knee.

In March, 2010, I underwent an open knee and posterior capsular release with application of a Taylor Spatial Frame. I had the frame for 6 months. After which, I had a straight leg! I now had to work on movement and flexion, the next hurdle. Because my body produces such severe scar, I had additional surgeries to help regain movement. Dr Rozbruch has been so supportive, trusting, and patient. He has always spent time encouraging, and working with me so that I can gain the greatest outcome possible. With his support and dedication, I know he will get me to walk again.

March 2016:

Initial development of left knee contracture after arthroscopic surgery for plica removal. In 2010, Dr. Rozbruch applied an Ilizarov brace for 6 months along with an arthrotomy to release scar. After that point, I developed severe scar and could not flex my knee. Multiple surgeries later and I achieved half my Flexion back. By now, my Patellofemoral joint was completely arthritic which prevented normal range of motion. I met Dr. Rodeo in the fall of 2014. He suggested a partial replacement of that joint and a replacement of my patellar tendon which had shortened and scarred. It was a complex surgery that required extensive post op care given the severity of my condition of arthrofibrosis. This ultimately led to a severe CRPS flare in which both Dr. Richman and Dr. Rodeo worked together to keep mobility and treat my CRPS. Over the following year I have been working with Dr. Rodeo to continue range of motion, prevent further arthritis and work towards becoming functionally independent again.