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Allan France

New York, NY
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Let me first say that HSS was a God send. I almost went with another surgeon until I was highly recommended to get a second opinion. That's when HSS came into the picture. I was told to get an appointment with Dr Rozbruch. From the minute I stepped foot into the office to the point of meeting Dr. Rozbruch for the first time, I felt so confident and I knew that I would be in good hands. The surgery performed on me was a complication of 4 bus accidents in a period of 2 months in the Spring of 2014 (I'm an NYC Tour Guide). Through almost 2 years of physical therapy and pain and suffering it was determined that more than physical therapy was needed.

Almost 2 years later, January 11, 2016, I had an osteotomy and repairs of torn medial meniscus on my left leg. The days of pre-op surgery were fully explained so I was prepared for everything. The day of the surgery, I arrived at HSS in NYC. I thought I was entering a luxury hotel! What a nice welcoming feeling! Everything was so organized. No waiting around and no anxiety attacks. Again I felt I was in very good hands. I was sent up to another floor for the prep. Dr. Rozbruch was there to assure me that all would go well. Before you know it I was being rolled into the operating room. Hello anesthesiologist! Needle goes in. Good night! Next thing you know I was droggy and awake wrapped in a nice warm plastic covering and being wheeled to my room. I had constant attention and service whenever I needed it. The food was excellent! And of course Dr. Rozbruch was there by my side.

After a day or so the bandages came off and to my surprise Dr. Rozbruch put a big smiley face on my knee with magic marker! I was there for a few days and then it was time to leave. And guess what? I didn't want to leave! I literally had tears in my eyes! What a warm, loving, patient and exceptionally professional staff! The good thing is I knew that I would be back for many months of physical therapy plus follow up exams with Dr. Rozbruch. My main physical therapists were Erika Fritz and Randy Pifer. There are no words to describe how professional and caring they and their staff were. They always kept pushing me to do my very best even though it hurt and I was in tears and some days I was discouraged. But they all kept up my spirits and pushed me along till I no longer needed them. I graduated and got a t-shirt saying so! Again, I did not want to say goodbye.

But the journey didn't stop there. The following March 2017 I had to go back to HSS to have Dr. Rozbruch remove the plate in my leg. No problem at all. I was looking forward to it. I knew I was going back to a place that seemed like a second home to me. It is now a little over 2 years since the operation and I have fond memories of my hospital family. I am back full time on the buses running up and down the stairs doing what I love, giving tours of NYC. If traffic is bad at the end of the day, I walk back across town to go home, something I could not do before. NYC is a walking city and am so happy I can walk like a regular person. No limp, no dragging my feet. No one could tell that I ever injured myself. I remember the time I went from using crutches, to a walker, to a cane. Now I see other people going through what I went through and I just say to myself, "I am well again thanks to Dr. Rozbruch, all the staff and therapists and above all, HSS." I am a VERY happy person once again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Allan France