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Aliza Weinberg

Bergenfield, NJ
  • Aliza Weinberg in the photo 1

About 8 years ago, my flat feet were starting to give pain in my hips and lower back. I made myself an appointment with Dr. Matthew Roberts. At the time, my husband was a resident at NYP Cornell and he had heard wonderful things about Dr. Roberts. I have had terrible feet all my life and I was fearing the only solution would be surgery. From the moment Dr. Roberts stepped in the room I was impressed. His soft manner and warm demeanor eased my fears. At the time, my three children were all very little. He said that indeed I would need surgery as my conditioned worsened, but it was not an emergency and I should wait until the pain becomes unbearable. I left feeling good and confident that this doctor understood that I was a mother of little children. About four years ago, my condition worsened to the point where I was waking up daily with pain and stiffness. I went back to Dr. Roberts and calmly and gently he explained that upon examination, my tendons were ruptured and that it was advisable to have surgery. Of course I was nervous. He explained that the surgery would actually be multiple procedures. Not only would he fix the ruptured tendon, but in essence, he would create stability and structure to my collapsed feet. It would be challenging because only one foot would be operated on at a time. He explained that the recovery would be 8 weeks of non weight bearing plus an additional couple of months of physical therapy.

My first surgery was exactly four years ago. From the moment I entered the pre-op until the day I was discharged, the service and care at HSS was fantastic. The nurses, PAs, residents and staff were all compassionate and careful. My anesthesiologist. Dr. Richard Kahn, was kind and patient. But most of all, Dr. Roberts did an amazing job on my feet! After the first surgery, performed in March 2011, I recovered and then scheduled the second surgery for December 2011. There were times when the pain post-op was horrific. Every phone call to Dr. Roberts was returned swiftly. If my bandages were uncomfortable, he insisted I come in so he could change them. Every call, every question - Dr. Roberts was there whenever I need him.

Just this past January I had some of the hardware removed from my right foot. And again, excellent care through and through. It is amazing when I look down and see these newly constructed feet that actually work. Hands down, Dr. Roberts is the doctor to go to for care, compassion and every foot and ankle concern. He's the best!