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Alisa Gadon

New York, NY
  • Alisa Gadon in the photo 1
  • Alisa Gadon in the photo 2

In January 2021, I went to see Dr. Save for a second opinion for surgery after my cast was removed by my orthopedic surgeon at another local facility. Dr. Save said the surgery was not indicated and my fractured wrist would heal with OT. The wrist fractures did heal well with OT. On February 17th I slipped on black ice on West End Ave while walking to the bus early in the morning. I knew right away that the same right wrist was fractured again. I took a cab with my husband in excruciating pain to NYP ED. I wanted to be sure I would be treated by Dr. Save first this time. I was given pain medicine, treated by the orthopedic resident in the ED and seen by Dr. Save. I was admitted to NYP for surgery on the 19th. All the care in the ED and on the 8th floor was really great. The surgery lasted 4.5 hours and I am very happy with the results. My hand is much more flexible now than it was after the first fracture. I am starting OT on April 1st. Dr. Save is an amazing surgeon!