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Redding, CT
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I've always enjoyed being active and outdoors. I had serious damage to my left knee from injuries long ago. Arthritis was developing and limiting my ability to do the things I enjoyed most. I shopped around and explored interim solutions, but every doctor I saw had the same response - you need a knee replacement! By this time, it was clear to me that both knees were deteriorating rapidly and I was ready to get them replaced before I lost my level of fitness. Dr Figgie was clear in laying out my options - one now - rehab- one later- rehab - or both at once. I felt confident in his assessment and his ability to get me back on my feet with minimally invasive surgery. The thoroughness and support of the HSS team convinced me I had made the right choice. I spent four days at HSS then transferred to Burke Rehabilitation Center in Westchester. Two weeks after the surgery I was back at home walking with just a cane (when I remembered it) and able to do stairs on my own. Five months later I took my newly certified granddaughter on her first dive trip and I was back on my skis a couple months later. Bi-lateral knee replacement is not for the faint of heart, but for me, it has given me back the quality of life that was fading away due to my bad knees.