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Alice Ott

Brooklyn, NY
  • Alice Ott in the photo 1

I have had pain in my right knee for 15 or more years. Over the years the pain & stiffness got progressively got worse. I tried gel shots and PT, but neither really helped. A friend of mine got his knee replaced by Dr. Westrich and he very happy with his results. I asked my friend for Dr Westrich’s contact information, but before seeing Dr. Westrich, I was referred to Dr. Osric King for a full evaluation. Dr. King did a thorough exam and then gave me a referral to Dr. Westrich for total knee replacement surgery. I just had my knee replacement surgery yesterday, and the surgical procedure as well as the after care at HSS has been phenomenal. To me, HSS is a wonderful place, and, once I have completed my PT, I’m looking forward to getting back to my active, busy life!