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I have always been an avid athlete and have participated in multiple sports my entire life. I began playing soccer at an early age and continued to play competitively until I tore my ACL in my 20s. Dr. Russel Warren repaired my ACL allowing me to continue to play soccer competitively. After my ACL, I had two other surgeries with Dr. Warren to repair the meniscus and debris areas of my knee. Again, I was given another chance to continue playing soccer.

However, I transitioned from soccer to competitive martial arts until my ACL tore again several years later along with having osteoarthritis and no meniscus left. This caused my condyles to grind to the point that the knee was jamming and I could no longer walk, sleep or carry out any activity. After much deliberation, I made an appointment to see Dr. Jerabek upon the recommendation by the esteemed Dr. Russel Warren. Dr. Jerabek is an extremely patient gentlemen who fully understood the predicament that I was in, considering my age, and my level of activity that suddenly came to a full stop. He met with me during the consultation visit and explained in detail the surgery, expectations post-op, general results that patients should expect and most importantly encouragement that the surgery is difficult but with physical therapy and cooperation with Dr. Jerabek, the outcome should be favorable.

The day of the surgery, the entire process went smoothly. I met with Dr. Jerabek who assured me that all would go well with the procedure and that I would stay at the hospital overnight. He kindly came to see me early the next morning before his full day which really shows care and dedication for his patients. Once I reached home the following day, even though my knee was swollen, I could already feel a smooth movement in the knee. Within two weeks with the home therapy, I was bending my knee to approximately 100 degrees. The level of detail and care that I received post-op is unparalleled. All my questions were answered and the office worked with me regarding my medications and pain management.

I have been progressing rapidly through my physical therapy due to the level of skill that Dr. Jerabek had during my surgery. He really has the Midas touch and his skill as a surgeon is truly remarkable. My physical therapist is in disbelief on how quickly I am progressing with my exercises and the fact that 6 weeks out I already have 125 degrees mobility. I am truly confident that I will be able to return to my martial arts to the full capacity that I was practicing. I highly recommend Dr. Jerabek for a surgery of this complexity. He is truly the definition of a doctor!

The attached picture is me performing the Crane on the Rock, I am supporting my body weight on the right knee that was replaced three months after surgery.