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Alfred Schier

New York, NY
  • Alfred Schier in the photo 1

I was in a serious motorcycle accident 50 years ago resulting in a mangled, shortened left leg. The leg was fully functional until a few years ago when my knee started to point inwards and the rest of my leg started to point outwards. I had contacted several doctors over the years for help but none would see me when they heard my problem. Finally, a doctor who said he wasn't qualified to treat me suggested Dr. Elizabeth Gausden. Dr. Gausden didn't shy away from my problem. She examined me, listened to my story, and addressed the problem with a total knee replacement. As a result, I am pain-free and have a straight leg that has regained some length to it. I couldn't be happier. My quality of life has improved dramatically. Dr. Gausden is not only a superior surgeon but empathetic and personable. I highly recommend her.