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Alexandra Squillaro

Staten Island, NY
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It was a bitter November 21st in 201 and I was at a tournament in Hammonton, New Jersey. It was my travel teams' second game in and within the first five minutes of the game, I had a break away. I thought I knew when I was running with the ball, that I was going to get past the goalie no problem and score, but I was completely wrong. As I was right in front of the goalie, instead of the goalie trying to grab the ball from my feet, the goalie intentionally went right for my legs. My right foot was planted to make a left turn to go around the goalie. Before I can make the turn, the goalie collided right into me taking out both my legs, causing me to flip and land on my back. At that moment, I knew something was wrong when I heard three snaps go throughout my right leg before I could even land back onto the grass. Hearing those snaps and feeling the excruciating pain go through my leg was something that I will never forget. At that moment my season was over and I was devastated. Later that week I found out that I tore my ACL and slightly tore my lateral meniscus. After my family and I did a lot of research we knew HSS and Dr. Altchek were right for me. After receiving the surgery for my knee, I continued to do rehab at HSS. With the help of Patrick, my physical therapist, and Dr. Altchek I was able to get back on the soccer field like no injury ever occurred.

Unfortunately, less than a year later on July 9, 2017, I ran to the ball, planted my foot and fell less than a minute into my soccer game. Like last time, I heard the same snaps that I did, but this time I immediately knew what just had occurred and it was my left leg this time. Since I was coming into my freshman year of college and was on collegiate team, my coach gave me the option to redshirt so I can play an extra year of soccer. As last time, I went back to HSS to see Dr. Altchek to receive the best care for my ACL injury. Like last time, I was back on the field like a brand new player with not just one new ACL but TWO!!! Now it’s December 2018, and I’m excited to say that I have completed my first season of collegiate soccer. I’m so thankful for the care of Doctor Altchek and Patrick at HSS. Additionally, I’m grateful for my family and friends who helped me to get back to the game I love. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to continue my career as a soccer player.