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Alexa Buffington

West Hartford, CT

<p class="p1">I played soccer from kindergarten all the way through high school. I tore the labrum in my hip playing soccer the fall of my sophomore year. At first I didn't think it was a big deal but then it became more difficult to control my kicks and I was dealing with a lot of pain. Eventually I began seeing a number of doctors and undergoing a variety of tests until finally the cause of my pain was discovered. When it was determined I would require surgery to repair my injury we headed to HSS to see Dr. Bryan Kelly. Dr. Kelly made me feel at ease about something I was so afraid of. Under his care I felt assured that I would not only be okay after surgery but that I could return to soccer without any problems. I finally had my surgery in January and that is when my work began. Dr. Kelly assured me that I would be seeing one of the best physical therapists and he was right. With the help of physical therapy and my determination to return to soccer I saw positive results faster than I could have imagined. My follow-up visits to HSS reassured me that everything was going as everyone hoped. I have heard stories about other athlete's surgeries and am so grateful that my experience was as positive as it was.</p>