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Alex Weaver

New York, NY
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In 2014, I suffered a fractured scaphoid bone due to impact from a soccer ball. As a division 1 goalkeeper, the fracture meant I would have to fully recover from the injury before I was able to play again.

For two years after the initial injury, I continued to play on my wrist by wearing a removable/hard cast to prevent worsening the injury. Unfortunately, I did not give myself enough time to fully recover and I continued to play with pain.

In 2017 I had finished my college campaign and was no longer playing collegiate soccer. Something about my wrist still did not feel right and I was still in agonizing pain even without physical activities.

In 2017, I underwent 2 surgeries with 2 different surgeons in the course of 7 months. The surgeries consisted of a tendon release and a procedure to wrap the nerves and relieve pain.

After I recovered from both surgeries I still was experiencing pain. I was told by the surgeon that there was nothing else to be done. I felt hopeless at this point and worried my wrist would never recover back to normal. I was unable to participate in daily activities that I enjoy such as yoga, lifting, golf, or even soccer due to the pain and weakness in my wrist.

That's when I was referred by a colleague to HSS. From the first day I stepped into HSS and Dr. Steve Lee’s office, I knew I was finally in the right hands. Over the course of 9 months,I underwent 2 surgeries (February and September 2018) with Dr. Steve Lee and his team. The surgeries consisted of removal of a 5 cm neuroma and removal and repair of joint lining using an endoscope. My mother could not be with me for both of my surgeries, so Dr. Lee took time out of his day to personally call my mother and give her an update on the successful surgeries. I could not be more thankful for a medical professional such as Dr. Lee for always putting his patients first.

It was from there that I worked with Caroline Dowling and Emily Sloane to begin the recovery process of regaining strength in my wrist. For months I worked closely with Caroline twice a week. She was able to help improve my overall movement in my wrist that I had lost over the course of 5 years. Caroline made an effort to get to know not just as a patient, but as a person. She was able to discover my limits, and also push me to my strongest potential. She would even come in early just to accommodate to my busy schedule.

Because of Caroline, Emily, and Dr. Lees team, I am now able to participate in activities that I was limited to for the past 5 years. In 2019, I joined a boxing gym (Title Boxing Club in Flatiron). The staff at Title Boxing Club continuously work with me to ensure I am putting myself in the best position to succeed and get stronger each and every time I go to class. I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in over 5 years, and now have no restrictions on what I can and can’t do because of the full recovery I have made.

I could not be more grateful for the incredible staff I have worked with. Everyone at HSS I have come in contact with has been nothing short of world class. I do not feel like just another patient, like I have with other doctors. From the PT team, to the front staff, to the doctors and nurses, thank you for making this experience as seamless and comforting as possible. I truly appreciate the professionalism and care I have received and would recommend HSS to anyone that has similar issues. HSS reputation speaks for itself.

Now in 2019, I am finally Back in the Game thanks to everyone at HSS!!!

*Photo credit: Cristian Guamanzara (C3 Photography)*