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Alex Shafiro

Wilton, CT
  • Alex Shafiro in the photo 1

I had been living with hip pain for years while playing sports and never let it slow me down very much. When I started losing sleep because of pain and not being able to get on the floor with my kids I knew I needed to address it. I was told that I had severe arthritis and that my hip would need to be replaced. Being in my mid 30s, this did not seem like a great option. Thankfully I then found Dr. Su, who explained that a hip resurfacing would allow me to be much more active long term and still enjoy working out, sports and activities with my kids. Within 1 day of the surgery, my hip pain was gone and after being diligent with my rehab I am happy to say it was an incredible experience. I am pain-free, able to work out, do some jogging, cycle, swim, and enjoy life without limitation or hesitation.