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Alex Fuller

Bronx, NY
  • Alex Fuller in the photo 1

I’m writing to thank Dr. Constantine Demetracopoulos, the orthopedic surgeon, for his skillful and tactful craft in helping me alleviate the pain in my right foot. It was caused by the medical terminology Hallux Rigidus, or in layman term a bunion.

After suffering periodically with a bunion that seemed to be getting worse, I sought for medical treatment. After careful research, I chose Hospital for Special Surgery because of its convenient location, high ranking and favorability in this particular surgery in the NYC metro area. I then chose Dr. Demetracopoulos, who has a nice demeanor after getting a second and third opinion from other doctors. The hospital is very amiable, and most of its staff, from the x-ray, MRI, casting, nursing, and phlebotomist departments are very courteous. I would highly recommend Dr. Demetracopoulos and Hospital for Special Surgery to anyone seeking the same treatment. To everyone in this wonderful hospital who has played a role in servicing me back to normal, I personally can’t thank you enough!

Sincerely thanks to HSS

Alex S. Fuller