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Alex Douglass

Olyphant, PA
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I am a Pennsylvania State Trooper. On September 12th, 2014, I was shot by a sniper outside of the Police Barracks. The bullet entered my left lower back and exited through my right hip and femur. The bullet shattered my pelvis, right hip, and right femur.  I was brought to HSS in late October due to severe infections I incurred. Dr. David Wellman performed an extensive surgery cleaning out the infections in my lower back and hip area. A couple weeks after the surgery, Dr. David Mayman completed a total hip replacement. Within seven hours after the hip replacement I was up walking with no pain in my hip.

Separate from that procedure, I also had experienced severe nerve damage in my right leg due to the bullet. I have a condition called drop foot, which basically  limits feeling in my right leg below my knee and into my foot. Dr Joseph Feinberg, who is part of the team that included Dr. Mayman and Dr. Wellman, conducts a nerve study on my right leg every three months. The studies are still ongoing. All three physicians, the medical staff, and office staff at HSS are a group of professional and amazing people. If it wasn't for these doctors I would not be up and walking as I am today. I still do physical therapy. I was able to get back to doing high intensity crossfit workouts and power lifting. I completed the 2015 NYC Marathon in a handcycle. These Doctors at HSS got me back in the game.