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Alex B.

Southington, CT
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I have been an athlete my entire life. I played multiple contact sports growing up at the high school and college level. I played ice hockey in college and to date have played 24 years. I have been in law enforcement for the last ten years. I have had broken bones, torn ligaments, knee surgery, dislocations, lacerations, concussions, you name it. No injury in my life brought me crumbling to my knees and sidelined me like a herniated S1/L5 and a small bulging disc L5/L4. I seen a few doctors locally in my area. They each gave me a different diagnosis but all agreed on one thing - I was not a surgical candidate. None of the doctors were interested in me, my case, or helping me get better if they couldn’t fix me with a surgical knife. I had heard about HSS through a family member who had back surgery with Dr. Sama. After doing some research and getting some help from HSS over the phone I found my self in Dr. Milani’s office at around 3 ½ months post-injury. I have never been treated so well by any medical provider in my life. Dr. Milani was so understanding and spent over an hour with me going over everything. Dr. Milani was a voice of reassurance. He assured me I would get better, work again, play sports again, be able to sit again, and be able to live a normal life without surgery and medications. Dr. Milani set up a rigorous physical therapy plan and assured me if I followed it I would see the desired results. Surgery was not needed and not an option, I was glad to hear this! Six and a half months post-injury and three months since walking into Dr. Milani’s office I was back to work and Back in the Game! No drugs, no injections, no surgery, just some old fashion hard work and ice! My only regret is not going to HSS and finding Dr. Milani sooner. HSS and Dr. Milani helped me get my life back! To date I am nine months post-injury and have been feeling well! I have been keeping up with the workout plan set up by Dr. Milani and it's paying off. Thank You HSS & Dr. Milani.