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Alberto Beda

Sao Paulo, Brazil
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I went to HSS to hear a fifth opinion. I wanted to avoid surgery. I used to walk, run, swim and ride my bicycle, but my discomfort and pain didn't allow me to do exercise. When I met Dr. Qureshi and his great assistants and told me I needed to operate, I had no doubt I had to have the surgery done by Dr. Qureshi. I went to surgery after 2 days. At the beginning, I had a little discomfort but I could walk. During the first 8 weeks, I had discomfort, but was feeling better than before. Every time I would email Dr. Qureshi and his assistants, I would get a response in less than 30 minutes. Dr. Qureshi suggested I get a hip injection and that really was a game changer. My life is back to normal. My back is 100% and my hip 75%. I suggest to whoever has back pain or discomfort not to suffer. Thank you Dr. Qureshi and team!