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Alan Segal

New Rochelle, NY
  • Alan Segal in the photo 1

Dr. Ricci and his team came to my rescue in June 2018 after I suffered a severe left foot injury. I had crashed my Harley Davidson - "trike" - which I thought was safer, but obviously not.

My left foot was "pulverized" by the car bumper and broken into countless pieces. I was afraid of losing one or more toes. It seemed that I would walk again, but never run, except to catch a bus.

I am an avid skier and I was hopeful that even if my foot was compromised, I could use a ski boot. It has been a bit of a challenge to get my foot into a stiff, tightly fitting boot, but once I got in, the results have been amazing!

Many thanks on allowing me to get back to my passion. I got back to skiing only 5 months after my accident, with terrific conditions at Killington after some early season snows and I'm headed to Colorado and Utah in the coming months.