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AJ Todisco

Holmdel, NJ
  • AJ Todisco in the photo 1
  • AJ Todisco in the photo 2

I am a right-handed running back on my varsity football team - it was my Junior season. The doctors had told me, “Sorry, you won’t have a Junior season.” Dr. Osei had better plans for me - he was going to get me Back in the Game.

When I broke my wrist in May 2022, it was misdiagnosed by doctors in my area for over a month. Dr. Osei was gracious enough to squeeze us into his calendar - because of his compassion and concern that I had gone too long with such pain. His attentiveness and expertise was what my family needed at this point in my injury. The moment we left his office, my mom cried, knowing we had found the right doctor to finally “take care of my son the right way.”

From the moment we got to Dr. Osei’s office in June 2022, I knew my parents and I had made the right decision going to HSS. Dr. Osei had seen my x-rays before we arrived and tentatively scheduled my surgery for a few days later.

Fast forward 8 weeks post-surgery, I was able to work out with a hard cast with my teammates. Twelve weeks post-surgery, I was showing Dr. Osei how I could carry the ball with my left hand - I was now an ambidextrous running back! Though Dr. O was skeptical about me going full blown on the field, he monitored and understood my commitment to the game, my team and my recovery. He understood the mind of an athlete.

Along with physical therapy, I am now 18 weeks post-surgery. My season has ended, and not only was I back on the field, but I was able to score a touchdown in our final game.

The gratitude I have for Dr. Osei, HSS and my parents is immeasurable. I will be forever grateful to the staff at HSS for aiding in my journey to get BACK IN THE GAME!