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Aiden Warshawer

Middletown, NJ
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My name is Aiden and in November of 2015, I was a 8th grade student who loved training at a local MMA (mixed martial arts) school. It was at that time when I injured my knee while training for an MMA tournament. My parents brought me to HSS to see Dr. Daniel Green in late December of 2015. Dr. Green explained that I needed a knee surgery to repair some damage I did to it. I needed a MPFL (Medial patellofemoral ligament) reconstruction to stabilize my knee so I could go back to the activities that I loved.

Dr. Green, his staff, and all of the nurses, doctors, and other people that work in the Lerner Children's Pavilion at HSS were amazing. They not only took excellent care of me throughout my procedure, but took excellent care of my parents as we went through this experience together.

Thanks to the excellent care I received and some hard work, by June of 2016 - 6 months to the day from my surgery - I was able to return to my MMA school and begin to participate in classes again. By August of 2016, I was able to earn my next belt. Thank you, Dr. Green. Thank you to his staff. Thank you HSS!