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Aidan Smith

Belle Harbor, NY
  • Aidan Smith in the photo 1
  • Aidan Smith in the photo 2

On June 16, 2018, I was preparing for a rugby tour to Ireland with the U17 USA EIRA All American team, I was out of school and looking forward to starting the summer on the right note with a rugby tournament with my friends. Everything was going well, I was in great shape and felt good about the day, the weather was nice, the fields were green and dry and our team was firing on all cylinders. The first game kicks off, within the first 2 minutes I get jumped on from behind, and separated my shoulder into my armpit. I tore my labrum in two spots, pulled the labrum off of the bone, frayed the edge of my rotator cuff and then broke the cartilage in my shoulder. This was a huge blow to me and my plans for the summer. I had been training to represent the USA in Ireland and I was preparing to lifeguard as well. All of this ended abruptly and it sent my rugby career into an unknown area. I was in an HSS physician's office and had an MRI less than 48 hours after being injured. I met Dr. Joshua Dines 3 days after that and was in surgery 9 days after being injured. The professionalism, timeliness, and kindness that was extended to my family and I was incredible. It gave me a sense of assurance that I was going to be back and better than ever. Dr. Dines gave me the confidence I needed to go into surgery and be back on the rugby pitch 6 months later. I was treated with such kindness and compassion that it is something that I will be eternally grateful for. Thank you HSS and thank you Joshua Dines.