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Agnes Lee

Brooklyn, NY
  • Agnes Lee in the photo 1
  • Agnes Lee in the photo 2

I got involved in Ultimate Frisbee three years ago and totally fell in love with the sport-- the action, the pacing, the skills, the strategy, I loved it all.

Last June during a summer league game I cut in and I twisted my body to catch the disc. My feet were unfortunately still planted and in one big painful instant, my left knee felt like it exploded.

I went in for an MRI several weeks later and it turns out I did a number on my knee: torn meniscus, a torn ACL, and a partially torn LCL. I had surgery in July and I am so grateful to Dr. Taylor and Nick for getting me into the operating room and pushing me along so that I can get back to playing.

It's been a full year since my surgery and since then it's been a long uphill road of recovery, but I'm so happy to be active again and back to catching those discs!