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Adam Sokolow

New York, NY
  • Adam Sokolow in the photo 1

Thank you, Dr. Taylor!

July 17,2016

A healthy diet, meditation and yoga were the ways I intended to heal myself from both my stage III chronic kidney disease and my vestibular migraines. The first illness made me feel weak and the second caused me to experience almost constant dizziness and nausea. I had sought medical care for my kidney disease from my nephrologist, and for my vestibular issue I was under the care of my otolaryngologist. And after extensive testing and consultations, both of these excellent physicians told me the same thing: except for physical therapy and lifestyle changes there were no further medical interventions that they could offer me.

Embracing the notion that my healing process was in my own hands, I knew that the only way I was going to be able live a normal life was to commit myself to a healthy lifestyle, which would hopefully enhance my ability to manage and heal my medical infirmities. The medically sanctioned- DASH diet- was my standard for what I put in my mouth. I was jogging in Central Park on a regular basis, and managed my emotional and mental health through yoga and meditation.

I was feeling very positive and much better for all my efforts. But, then I encountered a problem! My increased physical exercise must have inflamed an old injury in my left shoulder, and gradually the discomfort in my shoulder began hurting me to the point where I found myself pulling back from my time in Central Park and going to yoga class. I then gradually began to lose the flexibility and strength necessary to sit in meditation and thus began my spiraling down and away from everything that I intend to literally do – to protect and enhance my physical and emotional health!

I was aware of Hospital for Special Surgery's reputation for being one of the best Orthopedic Hospitals in the country. So, I searched their website and read about Dr. Taylor's very impressive medical qualifications. I had no difficulty making an appointment and I showed up at his office joking that I had- lost my yoga “Down Dog”, and I wanted it back. After reviewing my MRI and a physical examination, he told me that my shoulder was locking up because I had developed an Adhesive Capsulitis and possible other injury to my rotator cuff. He then advised me to first go through a course of physical therapy to see if it would remedy my problem. But on a subsequent office visit, when it became obvious that my condition hadn't improved, he offered to perform minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery to repair my left shoulder cuff. He mentioned that there is always slight risk associated with any medical procedure, but then he put me at ease when he said to me, ‘I'll will really try to do my very best to help you.’

Throughout my office visit I was light and breezy and cracking jokes, but when I got outside the hospital I realized that tears were flowing down my cheeks. For, I knew there was a lot riding on this for me: a successful outcome-I would get my life back! If it didn't work, well I just put that out of my mind!

It’s been 12 more weeks of physical therapy since Dr. Taylor performed arthroscopic surgery on my left shoulder. And what I am writing right now is both a letter of profound gratitude to Dr. Taylor and my personal endorsement of his skill as a physician. For he did exactly what he set out to do. He helped me! I'm again actively engaged in my healthy lifestyle regimen of yoga, meditation and aerobic sports. And I'm extremely happy to report that I am feeling a personal sense of renewal, for with my increased vitality, flexibility and strength I am again able to do everything I need to do to manage and continue to heal myself!

You got me Back in my Game!

I am extremely grateful!

Thank you,

Adam Sokolow