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Adam Dick

Hackettstown, NJ
  • Adam Dick in the photo 1

I have been a Pediatrician in practice for the past 26 years, having trained in New York City. On September 30, 2016, I had my total hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Michael Maynard at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. This was a wonderful, life-changing decision. Dr. Maynard’s skill and compassionate manner as well as Hospital for Special Surgery being the premier orthopedic hospital in the United States allowed me to “get back in the game”.

Prior to surgery, I was watching from the sidelines. I was hurting and limping and I was barely able to get in and out of my car without significant pain and contorted positions. Walking short distances became more and more difficult even with my cane. Planning the shortest distance between two points became a constant worry.

Immediately after surgery, my hip pain was gone. The entire HSS staff were fantastic. They had me up and walking on the day after my surgery. I progressed from using a walker to a cane within days of surgery. By 4 weeks after surgery, I no longer needed to use the cane either. I was walking 2 miles at a time and getting stronger every day. Now, 4 ½ months after surgery, I very often forget that I had surgery at all. My pain is gone. My limp is gone. I have been back at work and seeing patients for the past 3 months and enjoying all the activities that I had been missing with my family. I am loving the new lease on life that Dr. Maynard and Hospital For Special Surgery have given me and I am very grateful.