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Adam Bernstein

Brooklyn, NY
  • Adam Bernstein in the photo 1
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As a 23 year old guy, I never anticipated to suffer from severe back pain. I'm young, active and have a demanding job as a sports producer which sometimes involves carrying a camera for shoots. So in November of 2014, after a pick-up football game with friends, I tried to ignore the slight discomfort I felt but by March of 2015 the pain was unbearable. I shuffled my feet to walk and never slept. With the encouragement of my family, I got an appointment with Dr. James Kinderknecht. Dr. K was knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. I left that appointment with a clear plan and diagnosis - I was suffering from sciatica, a result of a herniated disc that was trapping my sciatic nerve. Dr. K recommended I meet with his colleague Dr. Andrew Sama. Dr. Sama was great! He explained that a microdiscectomy was the best route - removing the piece of the disc that was pressing on my nerve. I had surgery at HSS in April. The best part - in the recovery area post op...I was already pain free despite spine surgery! Much to my family's surprise - I was cleared to go home same day. Recovery was a process but I was up and walking the next morning. One month later I was at a friend's wedding. Two months after that - I was on vacation in Portland, OR. I was back at work in 4 weeks. As much as no one wants to hear they want surgery - it was the best decision I ever made. HSS is a great hospital and I'm grateful to Drs. Kinderknecht and Sama for their care.