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Abigail Stellpflug

Brooklyn, NY
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I started working with Dr. Goolsby and Dr. Serota in 2018 when I got a stress fracture in my left hip while training for the 2018 NYC Marathon. I was then diagnosed with osteoporosis and the injury took an abnormally long time to heal because of this. They got me running again and in 2019 I was PRing in every race that I did and had amazing training going into the 2019 NYC Marathon where I hopped to BQ. My dreams were cut way short when my right hip and femur spontaneously broke at Mile 14 of the race and I was taken off the course in an ambulance. I spent 5 days in a Queens hospital and have a metal rod in that right leg/hip. One of the first things I did in that ER on Sunday Nov 4, 2019 was reach out to Dr. Goolsby, who picked up on a Sunday, to seek her advice and start the wheels turning to come under her care because I trusted her completely. After months of rehab and working with Dr. Serota and Dr. Goolsby to improve my bone health, treat my RED syndrome, and heal my hip I was able to slowly resume running in the summer of 2020. After another setback in the spring of 2021, we determined my bones weren't yet ready to marathon. But after 3 long years and 3 days since I first was taken off the marathon course, I was able to complete the 2022 Marathon on Nov 6.