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Abigail Garnick

New York, NY
  • Abigail Garnick in the photo 1

In my late 20s, I developed a shooting pain in the ball of my foot. I spent weeks hobbling around the city in sneakers, but the pain got so intense that I could barely walk. A doctor diagnosed me with a neuroma and said that my best option was surgery. I got a second opinion, which confirmed the first, so I went ahead and scheduled the procedure. But I had a bad feeling — I was an athlete, foot surgery seemed extreme, and I didn't feel confident in my plan. Then a friend suggested I see Dr. Rock Positano. I was hesitant; did I really need a third opinion? But I went, and without exaggeration I can say this decision changed my life.

Dr. Positano nixed surgery and instead helped my neuroma through in-office treatments and specialized orthotics. Since then, he's kept me walking pain-free for more than a decade. He's the reason I was able to walk down the aisle at my wedding — in heels, not sneakers. When the neuroma flared on my honeymoon, he took my calls from France and saw me the day I returned to New York City. Over the years, as I developed yet another neuroma and tendinitis in both feet, his calm, deliberate approach helped me stay calm, too. More recently, when an old foot issue returned during the pandemic, he triaged the situation from afar.

Dr. Positano is truly a one-of-a-kind doctor. His knowledge about feet is unparalleled, and his non-surgical approach has made all the difference for me. Year after year, he’s shown me that my foot injuries can improve without me having to sacrifice my quality of life, whether that was as a busy young professional on the go, or now as a working mom of two. Just as important, he thinks beyond feet, always seeing the big picture when it comes to my health and checking in on how I'm doing overall. Finally, his warmth, kindness, and genuine care are a true gift. His heart is enormous. He's the kind of doctor everyone should have in their life.