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Zack Kessler

Woodmere, NY
  • Zack Kessler in the photo 1

Over the course of 2 years, I underwent multiple hip scopes for torn labrums. After some time, my hip became bone-on-bone and I was informed I needed to undergo a hip replacement. Being in my mid-twenties, it was one the hardest things to process. Being in pain, not being so active, and walking with a big limp was something I wanted to get rid of. Having a replacement meant it would fix the problem but I wouldn’t be as active in the activities I loved to do. After months of debating, I went for a 2nd opinion to Dr. Su. From the 1st second I met him I knew he was the surgeon I wanted. He explained to me that I was a perfect candidate for a hip resurfacing. It was a huge decision, but I was ready. Having Dr. Urmey, who is also world-class at what he does by my side for anesthesia, made the entire process even better. As soon as my epidural wore off I knew my hip was fixed. The next morning when they got me up and walking I was pain-free. Two weeks post-surgery I was walking a mile with 1 crutch. Now 4 months post-op, my life has been changed dramatically since I am pain-free and have nothing limiting me. I am so grateful to Dr. Su and his amazing staff for giving me back something I didn’t think would ever happen!