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Yvonne Puckett

New York, NY
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I am a dance instructor. I teach Zumba, Nia Dance and Groove Dance. Started dancing at 8 years old. Professional at 17. At 77, suddenly could not walk. Could dance if I stood in a ballet 2nd position. Found Dr. Inglis. Had MRI. Discovered I had degenerative osteoarthritis in my left hip with no chance of recovery. Went for surgery immediately during Christmas holiday. Was dancing to "Rudolph" for my grandkids at Christmas using a cane 4 weeks later! Yes, I was back teaching class. Zumba! One club didn't believe I could dance so soon. Insisted I wait another couple of weeks before returning. I did. I danced. HSS is a 5 Star Hospital, with 5 Star Dr's, Nurse's Staff and great coffee!!! My videos can be found on my website: yvonneserenadance.com and ypuckett on YouTube.