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Yunetta Anggiamurni

Ithaca, NY
  • Yunetta Anggiamurni in the photo 1
  • Yunetta Anggiamurni in the photo 2

I was involved in a bad climbing accident resulting in a radial head fracture and dislocated elbow due to falling on the outstretched hand. I know elbow injury is complicated so I felt very disheartened by this injury. My main concern was whether or not I would be able to climb again. And I was worried if I would lose a significant part of my range of motion.

I met with Dr. Duretti Fufa and her team. Dr. Fufa assured me that, "Yes, let's get you to climb again." And that was all that I needed to hear. The surgery went smoothly and I went in a few times to have my post-surgery appointments with her office after that. It was always a great visit as the staff members were always friendly, courteous, informative and assuring.

I've been doing most of my post-surgery physiotherapy sessions elsewhere, as I actually live in Upstate N.Y. And to this, I must mention this excellent certified hand-therapist located where I live in Ithaca: Leon Wolff, MPT. He is able to ensure that the excellent quality of treatment I received from Dr. Duretti Fufa was followed through with an excellent physiotherapy work. I have been able to regain 90-95% of my range of motion back and I keep getting stronger.

It has been a complex surgery and a long path to "normal" again. And guess what: Now I'm back to climbing again. I'm even a stronger, more experienced and a better climber overall.

I am thankful for the excellent care the HSS provided to me and am forever grateful to the work of Dr. Duretti Fufa and her team.

Here are pictures of my first climbs at a climbing gym (on a rope) and a video of my first bouldering session (climbing without a rope, on shorter wall.)