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Tom Goodrich

New York, NY
  • Foot Injury/Condition
  • Tom Goodrich in the photo 1

I was 14 when I made my first appointment to an orthopedist - when my knees hurt.

Four decades of pain and many more visits to orthopedists later, with my knees having deteriorated to the point where I had trouble walking, I chanced into a third-opinion appointment with Dr. Anil Ranawat.

He explained to me, for the first time, why my knees had hurt all these years and offered a solution.

I had many questions, and Dr. Ranawat answered them all in detail and with patience.

The solution involved three surgeons.

First, Dr. Austin Fragomen and his surgical team re-shaped each leg so that it no longer concentrates my body weight on just the inside of the knee.

Second, Dr. Ranawat and his team fixed the damage - both in the soft tissues and in the bone - that had accrued in each knee.

And third, as the unbalanced pressures my legs had put on my knees had also worn down the joint at the base of each big toe, Dr. Holly Johnson performed a surgery on each one to make the joint no longer be bone-on-bone.

Throughout all of this, Dr. Ranawat, as with Drs. Fragomen and Johnson, went above and beyond. I knew at all times that they were putting my well-being first - I now have good knees for the first time in my life. It’s a wonderful thing.