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Susan Statkowski-Rivalsi

Somers, NY
  • Susan Statkowski-Rivalsi in the photo 1

I first learned of my hip dysplasia in 1986 (I was in my mid-30s), when an x-ray was taken of my pelvic area for an unrelated condition. The fascinated radiologist asked if I had hip pain (I said, "No.") and she showed me that the rounded heads of my femurs didn't "turn" into the pelvis sockets as they should. Instead, they were straight and the pelvis balanced on the top of them. She then showed me an x-ray of normal hips for comparison purposes. It was amazing. Apparently the reason my dysplasia went undetected was because it was so symmetrical. Eventually I did develop hip pain, so I took myself to HSS's hip clinic. There I met Dr. Pellicci, and our long-term relationship began. I had corrective surgery (osteotomy) to each hip 6 months apart. The following winter, when I stepped into my skis and took to the mountain, I could not believe the difference; neither could my fellow skiers (they voted me Most Improved Skier on the Mountain). A number of years later, one hip replacement was necessary, and I didn't hesitate to turn to Dr. Pellicci, who again worked his magic. A few years later, the other hip needed to be replaced; and, once again, I turned to Dr. Pellicci. I've always returned to HSS over the years when I've had numerous other joint problems - knee (Dr. Pellicci), wrist (Dr. Athanasian), neck (Dr. Castellano), shoulders (Dr. Cordasco), foot (so long ago and brief that I can't remember the doctor's name) - knowing I would get the best treatment. I'll have my right knee replaced there this coming summer, and I have no doubt it will be a total success.