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Romero Iral

Yorktown Heights, NY
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I have had a very satisfying experience with HSS and with Dr. Windsor - I have my sports life back as well as my regular daily routine life without having to rely on NSAIDs or opioids to mask the constant debilitating pain in both my knees!! I've been an athlete all my life having played football, rugby, tennis, swam, skied, ran track & field (sprints, long and triple jumps), and more recently, triathlons - all of which contributed to the significant damage/injury to both of my knees resulting in surgeries to repair: a full ACL rupture/reconstruction, torn MCLs, and a meniscus tear. All this damage brought about severe arthritis, which wore away the cartilage in my knees, causing me to be bone-on-bone and bow-legged. I was in this condition for over 10 years and relied on NSAIDs, Synvisc and cortisone injections to keep the swelling down and manage the pain. I pulled the trigger for total knee replacement surgeries in 2018 when I had to start relying on opioids to deal with the pain. I had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee in the beginning of March and my left knee at the end of July. Having had many surgeries in the past, I knew the importance of doing the physical therapy properly and completely and did the sessions as vigorously as I could. The superb results I have had from the outstanding ability and expertise of Dr. Windsor and the HSS organization speak for themselves - besides being able to eventually walk around without pain once the healing had run its course, I was able to start hitting the tennis ball around 4 months after my right knee replacement surgery. After 7 months from my left knee replacement surgery, I was able to ski without any problems and at the 8 month point, I started playing competitive doubles tennis and training with my dog for agility competition. Since then, I've gone on hikes in mountain trails, swam, rode my triathlon bike, and paddled on a stand-up paddle-board. This is all due to the great orthopedic work done by Dr. Windsor and HSS organization. Thanks to them, I am able to continue to stay in the game!!!