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Robin Ware

Longwood, FL
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I have been running for more than 40 years fighting osteoarthritis since age 30. At age 57, after countless fitness activities and races (3 marathons, 50+ half marathons, many 5k/10k/15ks) my knees finally gave up. I visited Dr. Thomas Sculco for a single total knee replacement evolving into bilateral total knee replacements on Jan 26, 2018. At my 6-week check up, Dr. Sculco said I was amazing in my recovery and 8 weeks ahead of schedule. At my 4 month TKR anniversary, I walked 2 half marathons May 19 and June 2. I achieved 0 degrees straightening to over 120 degrees flexion, and feel fantastic. I am now continuing my pursuit of completing a half marathon in all 50 states and the NYC Marathon in 2018 (walking of course). I was super impressed with the office of Thomas Sculco and HSS for the fantastic care I received. Beyond the surgery and hospital stay, the follow up has been amazing. I am very confident in my new knees and can't stress enough about the preparation, great medical care, follow up and doing physical therapy as prescribed. HSS and Dr. Sculco renewed me!