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Riya Mukherjee-Greene

New York, NY
  • Riya Mukherjee-Greene in the photo 1

I fell and fractured my knee while playing soccer in July 2020. At first I went to telemedicine appointments, but my treatment wasn't right. In late August, my family went to HSS. I had been there once before for a sprained wrist. That day, I had my first PT session. My telemedicine doctor told me that 'there was a very slim chance' that I would play before Halloween. With Dr. Doyle, I started physical therapy 3 times a week. At home, I did it 3 times a day. By the 2nd week of September I was walking again, and by mid-October I could play soccer with my team. I was even able to play a game! Without the help of everyone at HSS, I would never be able to play soccer by Halloween.